Our Vision

Karuna Care Education (KCE) envisions a world where every faith community has at least one Karuna Care Companion to journey with and support its members through the many life-cycle challenges each of us are destined to face while living in the material world. Attaining pure love for God is a gradual process that is enhanced by the fellowship of caring, supportive companions. KCE wishes to help its students learn the science and art of creating cohesive, caring communities one heart at a time – whether those communities are large or have as few as two people.

Karuna Care Mission

KCE equips students with the basic tools they need to offer persons in crisis competent, well-informed emotional support and spiritual care. We provide introductory-level training for persons of faith who wish to enhance their interpersonal awareness and skills in order to become a compassionate presence in the lives of others.


“Karuna Care Education produces one of those “Finally!” moments. Finally we have some structure around expressing Vaisnava compassion in helpful and supportive ways. Finally a place to gain the skills to be of loving service in those crisis moments. Finally a place to move the notion of compassion from the head to the heart and into the lives of others. Bravo and I look forward to the launching of the first cohort!”

Ananda Vrindavan, RS
Temple President, ISKCON of DC

“Heartfelt expressions of compassion are integral to the life of a devotee, a servant of God. Karuna Care Education seeks to provide “compassion sharing” insights and tools to concerned ministers, counselors and other caregivers. Participants will learn to practically apply compassion with sensitivity and skill, in appropriate ways when dealing with a variety of emotional/psychological situations. After completing this course, participants should emerge with a better understanding and care for themselves as well as the people they serve. I recommend it! “

Krsnanandini Devi Dasi , ACBSP
Senior Minister, Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE),  

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