Name your Feelings: Tame your Mind

All of us have feelings flowing through our minds — yet we go through life trying hard to ignore them. Feelings can be messy, inconvenient, confusing, even addictive. They make us do things we wish we hadn’t done. It’s no wonder our emotions scare us sometimes – they seem so out of our control. Feelings are the fuel that inspires our behavior. Like our minds, they can be our enemies and our friends. In this course, students will learn the language of emotions, what they tell us and how to utilize them to enhance our spiritual growth.

Dates: From Friday November 11 to Friday December 9, 2022

Times: Because USA is one day behind Australia, even though they will both be on a Friday, they will be a day apartStudents must choose one option and remain in the same group for the entire course:

Option 1 – 6:00pm to 7:30pm Australian Time (AEST)
Option 2 – 6:00pm – 7:30pm New York Time (EST)
Check your time zone here:

Duration: 5 Fridays

Modality: Self-taught + 1 weekly live discussion with the facilitator and the students

Facilitators: Sri Hari Priya Dasi and Rambhoru Dasi (more information about facilitators here)

Tuition Fee (in US dollars):
United States, Europe and Australia – $100
Eastern Europe – $85
South Africa – $20
India – $15
*Partial scholarships available. To apply, send an email to

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