Impact of Grief on Spiritual Growth

As we change and grow there will be so many losses, often experienced as something unexpected and unwanted. We might lose a job, a limb, our identity, our home, our faith… Grief is the natural, necessary, normal response to loss. The degree of grief feelings we will have following that loss will depend on how attached we are to the object of our attachment. Grief is a long and arduous process of learning to digest and integrate the pain of loss, and a grieving person never returns to being “normal”. In response to that, we can: 1) do nothing and passively keep our grief feelings to ourselves; or 2) become an active participant in our grieving and mourning process. As Krishna Bhaktas we may think that, if we just chant more, the pain of grief will go away. This will be very helpful if we are able to chant with full attention. However, if the grief feelings are not acknowledged and tended to, they will become stronger and stronger until they will lead to some big life crisis that incapacitates you until you finally do pay attention to them.

Dates: From Friday October 7 to Friday November 4, 2022

Times: Because USA is one day behind Australia, even though they will both be on a Friday, they will be a day apart. Students must choose one option and remain in the same group for the entire course:

Option 1 – 6:00pm to 7:30pm Australian Time (AEST)
Option 2 – 6:00pm – 7:30pm New York Time (EST)
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Duration: 5 Fridays

Modality: Self-taught + 1 weekly live discussion with the facilitator and the students

Facilitators: Sri Hari Priya Dasi and Rambhoru Dasi (more information about facilitators here)

Tuition Fee (in US dollars):
United States, Europe and Australia – $100
Eastern Europe – $85
South Africa – $20
India – $15
*Partial scholarships available. To apply, send an email to

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