Trauma, Addiction and Complicated Grief

Our faith starts with our primary caregivers as children: if we have parents or caregivers who are reliable and who respond to our needs when we cry, then we have the experience that we can get what we need. And as we grow, we transfer that to our notion of the Supreme Being—we know that when we cry out God will respond. But if we had parental abuse or some kind of traumatic experience with our original caregivers, and they were themselves unreliable, it’s going to make it really, really hard for us to have faith that there’s a God who cares, that when we pray, we will be responded to. That can have a ripple effect throughout our whole life between really having faith that there’s a Being out there who cares and having no faith at all.

Childhood trauma needs to be worked through—we need to be aware of what it is. It’s not about jumping over and taking shelter of God and leaving all human connections. It’s both—if we really understand who God is then we also know God’s communicating through the world around you us. He’s inside but He’s also outside. We need to be open to that too!

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Modality: Self-taught + 1 weekly live discussion with the facilitator and the students.

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