The art of compassion

ISKCON-endorsed education to equip students with the basic tools to offer people in crisis competent, well-informed emotional support and spiritual care.

“The heart should always be filled with compassion for others. Exhibiting mercy to all living entities is one of the limbs of devotional service.

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Our Beliefs

Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means “compassion.” Compassion requires more than feeling sad when someone is suffering. Compassion invites engagement with suffering persons with the intent of helping them heal. Many of us feel compassion for others’ suffering and would like to help but don’t know how. We established Karuna Care Education to answer this need.

What is Karuna Care Education (KCE)?

KCE provides introductory level pastoral care education for spiritual practitioners of Hindu Sanatana Dharma traditions, e.g., Gaudiya Vaishnavism, etc., who aspire to provide chaplain ministry in hospitals, hospices, prisons, airport chapels, college campuses, psychiatric hospitals, homeless shelters, group homes, assisted living facilities, police departments, fire departments, the military, religious communities, and wherever people in crisis may need them. KCE trains its students to develop heart-connecting relationships that can grow into cohesive, caring communities.

Learn how to

Develop and sharpen skills that will enable you to provide compassionate care.

Develop a healthy sensitivity to the emotional needs of others.

Understand yourself better.

Provide spiritual and emotional support with time-honored pastoral tools as informed, reflective, and competent caregivers.


“Rambhoru Brinkman and Karuna Care Education (KCE) are providing a wonderful opportunity for ISKCON devotees to be trained in professional, devotionally inspired skills by which they can help others through times of personal difficulty and crisis. I thoroughly endorse her work. I encourage any serious devotee who is inclined for such training to take full advantage of this important, and much needed program.”

Anuttama DasaACBSP

Minister of Communications


Those eager to help others and themselves to advance spiritually, what to speak of living a balanced, healthy life will find a friend and ally in Karuna Care Education. I highly recommend it.”

Vaisesika Dasa, ACBSP
ISKCON initiating Spiritual Master

GBC North America, Minister of Book Distribution
Author of Our Family Business

Our Training

4 week courses

Introductory courses to Compassionate Care that aim at developing qualities and attitudes that embody the Bhakti principle of unconditional care for the Supreme Lord, other living beings and oneself as a part and parcel of Krishna. Students will gain knowledge on how changes and crisis in life impact the spiritual path.

12 week courses

Focused on helping its students learn the art and science of creating heart-connecting relationships that grow towards cohesive caring communities, whether large or small. A practical theology training program, it blends theology, behavioral sciences and education methods as a means of cultivating in its students the skill of life-long learning.


The certification that permits an ordained minister from Sanatana Dharma religious tradition to minister in specialized services within and beyond their religious organization as their representative. Recommended for those seeking certification for chaplaincy positions, pastoral counseling, or clinical pastoral education.

Other Resources

Support Groups

Join one of our groups facilitated by an experienced Karuna Care Companion, like a Resilience Group or a Divorce Grief Support Group.

Karuna Care Companions

Need a Companion? Get in touch with a Karuna Care Companion that will journey with you as you navigate life.