Counselors & Mental Health Professionals

Kruti Patel

Licensed Psychologist

Kruti Patel, Ph.D. offers trauma-informed therapy services to adults and couples. She focuses on creating a brain-body connection with emotions. Sessions focus on learning practical tools on how to manage your emotions and communication. She is a co-owner of her own practice in Austin, TX and is a training director and supervisor for postdoctoral fellows.



Vraja Lila and Ekavira

Marital Counseling

Vraja Lila Dasi is Coach, Trainer and Mediator (focusing on communication), as well as the Director of The Institute for Applied Spiritual Technology.

Ekavira Das is a trained Hospice Caregiver, a certified Holistic Health Consultant, as well as a recent graduate from the Karuna Care Education program for pastoral care.


Vraja Mohan and Sri Guru Carana Padma

Life & Relationship Coaches

Vraja Mohan and Sri Guru Carana Padma (Alexander Rabinsun and Natalya Shklovskaya- Rabinsun) are Certified life coaches, Certified Relationship and conflict resolution specialists, Bhakti Yoga teachers, and practitioners with 30 years of experience. Natalya Rabinsun is also a Vedic astrologer and a certified systemic (Family). constellation practitioner in Bert Hellinger approach. We are together as a husband and wife (married in 1998), parents to our children and we are business and service partners.


Manjulali Manjari

Family psychotherapy, EMDR

Manjulali Manjari (Mary Davis), MA, is a registered social worker specialized in Mental health. She also has an accredited postgraduate diploma in systemic/family psychotherapy. 

Manjulali Manjari is also trained in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and EMDR psychotherapy. She has worked in both Adult and Children’s Mental health services for the past 17 years, and currently works in supporting young people who have experienced complex trauma, engage in self harm behavior as well as experiencing suicidal thoughts. 


John Yasenchak


John Yasenchak, Ed.D., LCPC, LADC, has many years of experience as a clinical mental health and substance use counselor, clinical supervisor, and a counselor trainer.  He has taught in graduate counseling programs as both an adjunct and full-time instructor for over three decades.  While teaching, he was also the clinical director and counselor for a Native American Community. It was there that he learned about the connection between spirituality, social justice, and mental health. 


Hari Vaudrey

Hypnotherapyst, Havening Expert and Trauma Specialist

I will help you change the way you feel. Maybe you have a problem, perhaps it’s something you’re doing, thinking, or feeling that you can’t control; or desperately wish wasn’t happening? Or perhaps it something from the past, that you’re still carrying today? Together, we will change it. . My approach is engaging and you are very much a participant in your change work and healing. I”ve been working with trauma for many years, initially as a Hypnotherapist and adding to my skill over the years with Emdr, nlp, coaching and other skills. I was one of the first practitioners of Havening, studying in New York with Dr. Ronald Ruden.


Chaitanya Pankhania

Integrative Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Chaitanya Pankhania, Dip, Adv.Dip, UKCP, followed formal education and later found psychotherapy & NLP/Hypnotherapy. trained formally for 4 years and began working with clients. Since then she has added various methods of working therapeutically, worked predominantly with young people/student mental health with a focus on trauma/childhood trauma.

She is a Journey Therapist, a Past Life Regression Therapist and an EMDR therapist.


Krishna Prana

Trauma therapy

Krishna Prana has specialized in working with individuals who have suffered from complex relational trauma as well as dissociative disorders. In addition, she’s extremely passionate about working with women who have suffered from intimate partner violence and abuse. She also regularly works with various mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues (couples and adult family counselling), self-esteem and identity issues.




Grief Support

Sangita devi dasi (ACBSP)
Susan Pattinson, Registered Nurse, Specialized in Hospice & Palliative Care, 
GC-C (Certified Grief Counselor), Certified Grief Educator (Trained under Grief Expert, David Kessler)

Co-Founder of Vaishnavas C.A.R.E. (Counseling, Assistance, Resource, & Education for the Terminally ill & Those in Need)


Cedric D’Souza


Cedric D’Souza, MA. Clinical Psychology from Pune University, 2017

Offers counseling and consulting, focusing on Behavioral Therapy, guidance and emotional support, and trauma and depression management.




Akrura Das took professional training from coaching academies in England.

Serving the Bhagavad-gita by helping people to apply it through his Gita Coaching program, he offers personal and group coaching to devotees all over the world both in person and online



To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. No matter what you’re facing, you deserve to be connected to help. Things can get better. Healing is possible.


Grihastha Vision Team Counselors

Various Grihastha Vision Team members offer one on one, and couple to couple, marriage education or personal counselling sessions online, in person and by phone. Fees vary per counselors and services.


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