You can’t always throw slokas at emotional problems

By Mahatma Dasa We simultaneously live in three worlds: physical, emotional, and spiritual. New devotees often neglect their physical and emotional needs in the name of transcendence. This doesn’t last, because we cannot sustain high levels of detachment and renunciation until we become more advanced. Most of my Godbrothers and sisters will admit that inContinue reading “You can’t always throw slokas at emotional problems”

La importancia del ritual del funeral

Por Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. | Center for Loss & Life TransitionTraducción: Divya Dristi Dasi  “Cuando las palabras sean inadecuadas, ten un ritual”. Autor desconocido Los rituales son actividades simbólicas que nos ayudan a expresar nuestros pensamientos y sentimientos más profundos acerca de los eventos más importantes de nuestra vida, acompañados de nuestros familiares yContinue reading “La importancia del ritual del funeral”